Killing Time

This is a podcast about the greatest military battles and campaigns that changed the course of history for non-military listeners.

Episode 13 - The Battle of the Marne - 1914

February 4th, 2017

On August 27, 1914, a bare three weeks into the First World War, the hopes and dreams of the French to liberate their lost provinces of Alsace and Lorraine by beating the German Army were in ashes.  Hard and costly defeats had been inflicted on their army by a seemingly relentless grey tide of German soldiers backed by heavy artillery, the likes of which the world had never seen.  Worse still, an incoming tide of a million German soldiers cutting through Belgium seemed unstoppable and that Paris would fall in a matter of a week or so.  This is the story of how the French army rose from its knees and managed to inflict a stunning and decisive defeat on the German invaders that saved their country from disaster.  This is the story of the Miracle of the Marne.


Episode 1 - The Battle of Tannenberg - 26 August 1914

April 26th, 2015
This is the introductory episode to the series and describes the Battle of Tannenberg that occurred in the opening months of the First World War.  With most of its army concentrated in France and Belgium, the German master plan for fighting a two front war called for only a small field army to delay and contain an anticipated Russian invasion of Prussia while the western allies were quickly defeated.  The stakes could not have been higher as the German high command watched with growing dread the appearance of two massive Russian armies on their eastern frontier only two weeks after Germany's declaration of war;  much sooner and in much greater numbers than had been expected.  This is the story of one of the most improbable and impressive military victories of all time that, had it gone the other way, would have resulted in the occupation of Berlin and defeat of imperial Germany at the beginning of a war that would devastate the continent.